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Comedy Central

In March 2013 the new Comedy Central production “Don’t try this at home” launched on Comedy Central NL and PL. In this show local presenters tried to do everything you shouldn’t do in your home. For example: putting your cell phone in the microwave, barbecuing hot dogs and pork chops with magnesium, or using a vacuum cleaner to remove burning coal and ash.


We gave the public a chance to act the same way – by blowing up a house. On the show's website, viewers could put dynamite into a virtual recreation of the house. The more dynamite they added online, the more we added into the real house, meaning everyone who got involved affected the size of the explosion. A winner was then randomly selected, and they got to star on the show and push the plunger on the detonator box.

The campaign was developed directly with the client and included integrated digital media, a PR campaign, radio commercials and online banners. ​


Client: Comedy Central
Freelance creative

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